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Geekay Group, a pioneering force in the MENA gaming industry, is expanding its reach into esports. Recognizing the untapped potential in the region, CEO Kishan Palija has launched Geekay Esports to bridge the gap between the global esports scene and the MENA region. With the goal of providing recognition, media exposure, and opportunities for local gamers, Geekay Esports aims to develop talented players and compete on the international stage. Headed by Ragheed “ElConTeH” Hasson , a trusted figure in the MENA esports community, Geekay Esports will scout, train, support, and sponsor exceptional talents, emphasizing engaging content and player narratives. Together, Geekay Group is committed to investing in the future of esports and empowering aspiring stars in the MENA region.


Kishan Deepak Palija


CEO. Kishan

Geekay Esports is a leading MENA esports team, uniting exceptional players from the region to compete globally and provide an unforgettable experience for our dedicated fans. We prioritize fostering a positive culture for success, offering comprehensive support, sponsorships, and development opportunities for both professional and aspiring players in the MENA esports scene.

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